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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Why Old School Phone Calls are Suddenly Cool Again

If your heart sinks as soon as you read the sentence “You're invited to a Zoom meeting,” you’re not alone. The Zoom market has increased dramatically since stay-at-home orders began in March 2020, jumping from around 10 million users to over 200 million users seemingly overnight.

Whether you use it for work or happy hours, you might find that you’re more anxious, cranky, and exhausted after an hour-long Zoom call than you usually feel after a full day of work.

There’s a name for what you’re experiencing–Zoom fatigue.

This new phenomenon describes that mixed feeling of exhaustion, boredom, and strain that you get every time you are on a Zoom call. While the name is centered around Zoom, it can refer to any other virtual meeting space, including Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and Facetime.

There are several reasons for Zoom fatigue, including the following...

1. Video calls do a poor job mimicking in-person communication

Talking on Zoom just isn’t the same as talking in-person. You can’t pick up on subtle cues or figure out when to speak up on a video call. In a normal conversation, you could easily identify a break when you could say something. Over Zoom, it’s a lot more challenging to break into a conversation or know when someone has fully completed their thought. Plus, there’s no way to make real eye contact.

2. Zoom is Wi-Fi reliant

Everyone has Wi-Fi, but it’s not always reliable, especially now that your entire neighbourhood is working from home. If you lose your connection, you either miss out on the meeting or cause an inconvenient interruption or delay for the other party.

3. Seeing yourself can be distracting

Left to our own devices, at home, how many of us are keeping up with workouts, hair care, makeup, fashion, etc.? And yet, we still feel that pressure to look our best on Zoom, especially when pitching a sale. Seeing your face in the corner of the screen can be extremely distracting and cause you to lose focus of the conversation.

Time to Go Old School

All of the above reasons are why a lot of people are turning to humble phone calls to communicate. Phone companies are reporting a surge in traditional phone calls during the pandemic as people turn to the phone instead of Zoom to find connection, whether for business or personal reasons. 

With a phone call, you get rid of all the visual distractions and concerns. There’s no concern about the Wi-Fi going out, you don’t need to worry about awkwardly attempting eye contact, and you can show up in your pyjamas without anyone knowing. By focusing on what the person on the other end is saying instead of how your hair looks or whether the camera angle is giving you a double chin, you can have more productive meetings in less time over the phone versus on a Zoom call.

The great news for salespeople is that, as more people start getting comfortable with phone calls again, they are starting to answer the phones more often. That can lead to a huge uptick in your sales, especially if you are able to reach prospects at the right time of day.

Start scheduling your calls with Recall so you can reach people at the right time and hold meaningful conversations that are free from digital distractions.

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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

I’m Talking To You. Yes You.

Are you looking for ways to make your life more productive? Do you want to boost your self-esteem? If you want to be more efficient, more productive, and more confident, keep reading as we are going to share something that could quite possibly change your life!

Now that we have the infomercial speech out of the way, there really is a way that you can become more efficient and more productive in both your work and social lives. What is it? Communicating.

Simply keeping in touch with others, whether it’s your friends, your family, or your coworkers, the simple act of keeping in touch with them is all it takes to be 5% more efficient and celebrate more of the small wins in life. In fact, 85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work as a result of self-isolation.

The COVID-19 Crisis And Keeping In Touch

With the COVID-19 crisis, social distancing and subsequent lockdowns, we have begun to lose touch with the people that mean the most to us. Sometimes we don’t even know what day it is and this is especially true for those who are now working from home as a result of lockdown measures.

For many of us, it’s that lack of a workplace experience that is eating away at our self-esteem and making us lack the confidence to be the absolute best that we can be in everything we do.

Recall Can Help You Be More Productive And To Keep In Touch

We do have a solution for all of this and it comes in the form of an easy to use, downloadable mobile app called Recall. Recall lets you set reminders, schedule calls, arrange phone calls and connect with coworkers, friends, or anyone quickly, easily, and automatically.

Recall is downloadable in Google Play or the App Store and it can make you more efficient with your time, more organised, more productive, and, of course, more in touch with the people and the world around you.

Contact Recall

To learn more about the Recall app and how it can help you increase your sales call success rate, visit Recall online and download the Recall app today on Google Play or via the App Store.

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