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Tips for Staying Motivated When It Feels Like the World Is Ending

The year 2020 has certainly thrown us a fair number of curveballs. From the Australian wildfires to the COVID-19 pandemic and a myriad of random, apocalyptic-like events in between, it feels like the world might be ending.

Ok, maybe we’re being a little dramatic.

The truth is, we’re all feeling restless, anxious, and, well, bored. When the pandemic started and work moved out of the office and into our homes, many of us enjoyed the extra time to spend with our families, clean out our closets, and tackle all those nagging household chores we never had time for.

Now, the novelty has ended, and we’re faced with a seemingly endless number of unknowns.

It can be hard to feel motivated to make sales calls during this time. You might even have started to wonder if your job matters anymore.

We’re here to tell you that yes, your job does matter, perhaps now more than ever, and to give you some tips to keep your motivation up even when things seem dark.

Five Motivation Hacks to Get You Through the Pandemic

If your motivation is dragging, try these five hacks to be more productive as the pandemic continues.

1. Partner with a Sales Buddy

Whether you’re working from home or the office, having a weekly check-in with someone who will hold you accountable can make a huge difference in your motivation and productivity. Make it interesting by putting together a friendly competition, like whoever has the most dials for the week buys the other coffee.

2. Get Back on a Schedule

Working from home has the perk of flexible hours. It also has the detriment of being available all the time. If you’re starting to feel like all you do is work, sleep, and eat, then it’s time to get back to a routine. Treat your day at home as though you were going into the office every day. Make time for breaks, lunch, exercise, and relaxing. Schedule your calls to fit your workday, and let yourself be “off” the rest of the time.

3. Get Creative

The pandemic has brought a lot to light about how companies work. Take time on your sales calls to find out what new challenges your customers are facing and how you can help them in creative and useful ways. If you can help customers see the light at the end of the pandemic, you will become an invaluable resource they will turn to when this is over.

4. Set Daily Goals

If you’ve been letting your daily goals slack, it’s time to get back to them. Having something to strive for every day will keep you going and let you know when you’ve fallen behind or when you’re crushing it.

5. Give Yourself Rewards

Set high goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. These can be anything, like ordering from your favourite takeaway for dinner instead of cooking or paying yourself an extra $5 every time you crush a goal and then treating yourself to something on your wish list when you’ve hit enough goals.

We can’t force you to get out of bed, but we can help you stay organised with call scheduling and call reminders. See how Recall can help you smash your sales goals by downloading our app today!

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